30 Blog Posts We Want to Write in 2018

The end of December is one of our favorite times of year, because we love to set goals! Our first blog was a list of 365 things that we wanted to complete in 365 days during 2013. We’ve expanded on that idea and created lists every year since of things we wanted to see, eat, and do… some have been more successful than others.

We love to keep ourselves motivated by creating lists of what we want to accomplish and tracking our progress (a side-by-side comparison of how much we’ve done versus how much of the year has gone by is our go-to!). This year, we are making a list of 30 blog posts that we want to write next year to keep us accountable. We are posting the list here so you can watch us track our progress!

The List

Daily Life:

  1. A blogaversary post: August 11, 2018
  2. A post about music playlists
  3. A post about book(s) we have read
  4. A post reviewing a new-to-us podcast
  5. A post about wedding planning


  1. A post about a fitness class that we’ve tried for the first time
  2. A post about fitness tracking
  3. A post about running a marathon
  4. A post about our favorite yoga gear
  5. A post about at-home exercise


  1. A post about wills and other adult paperwork
  2. A post about building and maintaining a good credit score
  3. A post about negotiating bills
  4. A post about how we each paid off our student loan debt
  5. A post about side hustle jobs


  1. A post about sriracha
  2. A post about wine
  3. A post about a picnic
  4. A post about things to buy in bulk
  5. A post about dinner kit delivery


  1. A post about hosting backyard movies
  2. A post about decorating white walls
  3. A post about wedding registries
  4. A post about hosting
  5. A DIY post highlighting something we built


  1. A honeymoon post
  2. A post about day trip(s) from Los Angeles
  3. A post about travel snacks
  4. A post about a city we’ve just traveled to for the first time
  5. A post about Boston


What goals do you have for the year? Anyone else keeping track on their blog? Share the link so we can see what you are up to!



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