3 More Anytime / Anywhere Workouts

A couple of weeks ago we published a post on three of our favorite quick workouts to do when you don’t have quite the time to make it to a class or the gym. The holidays have us busier than ever, so here are a few more to sneak into your ever-packed day!

  1. Wall sits are one of Laura’s go-to mini workouts. She’s been known to wall sit while brushing her teeth, while waiting in lines, and even through (sometimes boring) meetings! Here’s a great illustrative guide on proper form, and some videos [1], [2], on alternatives.
  2. Another great quickie while waiting in line and brushing your teeth are lunges and toe stands. Both require very little area and can be done repetitively until you start to feel your muscles turn on and really start working. Here’s a rundown on proper lunge form as well as some new ways to spice up this oldie but goodie! And a rundown on proper toe raise exercises.
  3. Have a little more space to work with? Planks are your new best friend! Waiting for your boyfriend to get all his stuff together before you leave the house? Need a competitive team-building exercise? Have 10 minutes before your flight boards? Planks are still your best friend! It takes more time to scope out a good plank place than to do the actual planks! Check out these great resources for lots of planking ideas [1], [2], [3].

Have any other waiting-in-line workouts? Let us know in the comments!


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